Legends Of Tomorrow’s Similarities To Doctor Who

Arthur Darvill plays Rip Hunter, aka The Time Master
Arthur Darvill plays Rip Hunter, aka The Time Master

Arthur Darvill, who played Rory Williams in Doctor Who from 2010 – 2012, plays lead character Rip Hunter in the new TV series Legends Of Tomorrow. There are a number of similarities to the Doctor Who TV series.

Rip Hunter is also known as The Time Master, (sounds like a Time Lord to me). He carries a pistol that has a glowing blue light like Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver and wears a brown trench coat like the one worn by David Tennant‘s version of Doctor Who.

The evil immortal, Vandal Savage, carries a staff and wears a hooded cloak, much like those of the Time Lords on Doctor Who. Rip Hunter and his ‘companions’ travel through time in a time machine to help stop disasters, caused by Savage, that could destroy the human race.

Although there are a lot of similarities to Doctor Who, the trailers for Legends Of Tomorrow show glimpses of what could be a very interesting and action packed television series.

Legends Of Tomorrow premieres tonight on the CW network and will be available on Hulu tomorrow!


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