episode 196 – Dude! Where’s My Radio Show?!

MarkWHO42 - episode 196 - Dude! Where's My Radio Show?!
MarkWHO42 - episode 196 - Dude! Where's My Radio Show?!

MarkWHO42 is back on the air. As Florida and the Islands in the Atlantic slowly recover from Hurricane Irma, MarkWHO42 returns with Christian Basel and Zion Quiros hosting this week’s episode. They start off bring you the MarkWHO42 news including discussions about the upcoming Christmas episode “Twice Upon a Time,” and David Bradley taking on the role of the First Doctor in the new Big Finish audios. Also, the Florida SuperCon YouTube video with our very own Patty Hawkins interviewing Peter Capaldi himself.

Then, the team return to talk to the “Dude” himself (no not Jeff Bridges) Daniel Hoffmann-Gill about his time on Doctor WHO as Bors and his journey in life which led him to acting. We also discuss how he landed the gig and what it was like working with Peter Capaldi. We also publicise his appearance at Time Lord Expo in Dayton, Ohio in October where MarkWHO42 will be moderating celebrity panels.

MarkWHO42 gives everyone effected by both Hurricane Harvey and Irma all their thoughts, love and hopes for a speedy recovery. Though the storm delayed us for a while, we are back to continue to give you the latest from the WHOniverse and Beyond!

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CONVENTION in September: MegaCon Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida

CONVENTION in October: Time Lord Expo in Dayton, Ohio

SPECIAL EVENT on NEW YEAR’S EVE: New Year’s Eve Time Lord Ball 2017 in Tampa, Florida

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