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MARKWHO42.net fans and WHOvians, it seems that our former 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston has a message he like to say to the world.  It seems that in an interview with SKY NEWS, Chris talks about how his working class background puts him at a disadvantage to the “boys’ club” of public school-educated actors.  Chris also claims that Film, TV, and Theater in the United Kingdom does not reflect the modern and multi-cultural society of today.  Many people feel (on SKY NEWS’ Facebook page) that what he has to say is hypocritical; where as others say it is the truth.  You be the judge and listen to what Chris has to say…..

Christopher Eccleston: Working class background

Christopher Eccleston says his working class background puts him at a disadvantage compared to the "boys' club" of public school-educated actors. He says film, TV and theatre in the UK does not reflect modern, multi-cultural society

Posted by Sky News on Thursday, August 10, 2017

The interview goes on further to say that is a change not met with controversy and is something that needs to happen.  The reporter, for SKY NEWS, even asked Chris about his role as the Doctor and how it affected his life; as well as many other topic questions.

What do you think?  Is Chris right and we need more diversity in the United Kingdom (Untied States too) and break up the “Boys Club” or will this, just like the New Female Doctor, cause many to turn on the hand that feeds them as they run from change.  Yet, Chris’ claim that as a society we need to do more and that we are living in very dangerous times, with very dangerous people in power; forget the arts and we need to get on our feet and object to it, and we need to change that.

Whatever you feel after watching this just remember;  this is “his opinion” and the interview cuts off at the end.  And when your done……….

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by: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget


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  1. Interesting article but PLEASE do try to proofread your texts before you publish them! So many errors and half-phrases that are hanging in the air, not a joy to read.

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