Old-ish Companions return for Christmas


MARKWHO42.net fans and Whovians, it seems we have two “old-ish companions” returning from the past to join The Doctors this Christmas.

“Twice Upon a Time” is the name of the Doctor Who Christmas special and with good reason; we get to see Ben and Polly again.

Jared Garfield of Hollyoaks will be playing Ben Jackson and Kingsman: The Secret Service actress Lily Travers will be replacing Anneke Wills in the role of Polly Wright (due to Anneke saying it will being too scary to work on the set).

So, “WHO” is ready to check out our returning companions?  Do you think these regenerated companions will be just like their past selves or be just like the Doctor; same yet different?

Just like us here at MARKWHO42.net, you will have to wait and see this Christmas if they will live up to their former selves.  At the same time make sure to keep your ears tuned to all updates on this and many other WHOniverse information.

Also tune into BBC and stations around the globe this Christmas to see how the Doctor’s world is about to change and why……

by: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget


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