The Full “SHADA” fans and WHOvians everywhere, it seems your prayers have been answered with the gift in animation; SHADA has regenerated into a fully animated story…

Shada, the lost Season 17 story of Tom Baker, will follow in the footsteps of the missing 1966 story The Power of the Daleks which was in theaters back in 2016.  This six part story which would have aired back in the 1980 has always been though to be one of the most highly rated and well-spoken about story in the world of Doctor Who. It surfaced in a pirate copy back in the 80s with text on the screen to fill in the gaps. You see, it was never finished due to a BBC strike that occurred after all the location footage in Cambridge had been filmed.

When the strike was over, the BBC brass thought it would be cost efficient to scrap the episode rather than reschedule set filming and thus cancelled. Many attempts to bring the completion to the episodes using other media sources were mounted by incoming producer John Nathan-Turner but failed until a VHS  (and subsequently DVD) version was released using Tom Baker to narrate the missing footage.

Big Finish worked with BBCi (the old BBC website) to make a version in the early 2000’s with Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor, replacing the 4th Doctor along with Lalla Ward playing now Gallifreyan President Romana and John Leeson as K9 in a crudely animated format. Now the BBC is planning to release the new version with the correct Doctor with much better animation.

In a tweet from Daniel Hill, credited with appearance in Doctor Who – Shada as the character Chris Parsons:

“Fantastic time recording for SHADA 2017”

Only one thing fans… the original footage is still ready and waiting, but will the missing pieces be animated or will the whole 6 episode story originally written by Douglas Adams be animated?  “WHO” Knows…  “WHO” Knows…?

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by: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget and Mark Baumgarten

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  1. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the Paul McGann’s version.
    When I did a fan made casting call years ago (forget if before/after the McGann), these are who I had:
    Jeff Goldblum/Michael Richards (before his mouth got him into trouble) -4th Doctor.
    Calista Flockhart/Courtney Thorne-Smith/Michelle Pfeiffer-Romana.
    Freddie Prinze Jr -Chris Parsons
    Richard Attenborough-Prof. Chronotis/Salyaven
    Malcolm McDowell-Skagra
    Bob Hopkins-Wilkin
    Shannen Doherty/Keri Russell-Clare Keightley

  2. One good point brought up in the article though is if the animation will fill in the gaps or the whole story. I myself think they should animate the whole story with an on screen option that if you see a Tardis in the lower corner you push enter on your dvd remote and the live action scene would play in place of the animation.

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