Finally holding hands with The Doctor fans and all Whovians, here at MARKWHO42 we are so sorry to have to give some more sad news. Deborah Watling aka Victoria Waterfield has passed away at the age of 69.

Deborah was born on January 2, 1948 and passed away of lung cancer on July 21, 2017, after only being diagnosed a few weeks earlier.  Deborah made her first appearance in Doctor Who back in 1967 and continued until 1968.  In The Tomb of the Cybermen, with the late Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines, there is a funny scene where the Doctor was to grab her hand and he grabs Jamie’ s instead.  You can see Deborah laughing in the background as this was a planned stunt by Patrick and Fraser.

Yet Deborah did not start out with Doctor Who. She was a child actress and played the niece of Peter Brady in The Invisible Man television series in 1958.  Then in 1965, she was cast for the lead in Alice, a play about the life of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell.  In the 1970’s she had roles in That’ll Be the Day, ITV series Danger UXB, and even co-starred with Cliff Richard in the 1973 film Take Me High.    She even reprised her role of Victoria in 1993 for Children in Need in a short called Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time. Later Deborah was in the Big Finish audio production Three’s A Crowd. Her dad, Jack Watling, was even in a few episodes of Doctor Who with her as Professor Edward Travers.

Many co-stars, friends, and family were shocked and sadden by the new of Deborah passing so soon.  They are quoted as saying:

Frazer Hines @WhoFrazer: I’ve just found out about dear Deb’s. Loved her so much RIP

Nicola Bryant‏ @thenicolabryant: I am so sad to hear of the passing of the lovely Deborah Watling.  We had so many laughs & heart to hearts.  #somissed 💛

Big Finish‏ @bigfinish: Big Finish were saddened to learn of the passing of #DeborahWatling today.  We share our condolences and memories

Colin Baker‏ @SawbonesHex: Dear Debbie Watling has left us.  So sad.  She was lovely gentle and talented.  We did panto in Stevenage  in the 70s. Dreadful news.

Even her Brother Giles Watling:  She would be “sorely missed”.  She was a lovely, lovely girl, bubbly and vibrant,” he said of his sibling.

Here at, we would like to give our warmest and heartfelt condolences to everyone who knew Deborah on and off screen.

It is sad when someone who brings joy to all passes away.  Yet now she will get to see Patrick once again as he will be holding the gates of heaven open for her.  Just like the TARDIS, Heaven is bigger on the inside with two hearts to share.

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by: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget

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